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Hi, I got this to work, but is there a way to stream what is playing directly on your PC monitor (windows 7) on your smart tv rather than save the video to a file? I’d like to be able to stream online on my PC and connect my TV to what is playing on it. me/outlook/outlook-setup. Hey Shivkumar, great post I am very glad to have come across this and be able to follow the steps! Wondering which file to upload back to my host to make sure I don’t break anything? Kate, WondrousKate recently posted…Kayaking – Rose Bay. My Samsung Galaxy is connected to my Samsung smart tv with all required Wires but the screen on the tv is still small. "Use a desktop client," he said. It can add text, animations, audio, and transition effects to images and burn the resulting slideshow to a DVD that will play on any standalone player. These are the functions likely to see much service in the kind of media-center setups this form factor is most suitable for. split(‘/’)[0];}}}catch(t){} return p0;} function F10(){var url="";try{if(!window.