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Say you want to do a clean install of Debian (or a Debian derivative) to upgrade rather than apt-get dist-upgrade, but you don’t want to figure out by trial and error what packages you had before — simply run dpkg–get-selections, and you’ll see a full list of packages that are installed. A window will show up saying restore system files and settings. Only a few brains seem to be able to handle this work, and it seems unlikely that the proportion of people with this ability will change markedly after 50-plus years of trying. We’re moving to Chicago. Keep at it !. Share this page:. Et encore désolé… de t’avoir oublié. Not exactly a professional outfit; rather the classic signs of a . Let’s meet at Salt House on Mission Street. This guy is awesome…Keep Rockin’. You will find that there will be several people at your field placement who are happy to share their knowledge with you. Fiat has since apologised and says they cannot be retro-fitted.