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I hope they provide a fix or upgrade for many reported the same problem on the the net. With Sequel, you’re not limited to only data from your central Power Systems servers. A RAF Police Reservist has been awarded an MBE at Buckingham Palace by HM The Queen following two operational tours in Afghanistan. I was led by the hand to see all these error messages, let them remote access my PC, but when they redirected me to the page to pay for their "license", I got EXTREMELY suspicious since these supposed windows tech support people couldn’t even direct me to a website that looked Windows certified, coming up with all the bull that "yea see the icons on the side of the page we are licensed and we are certified". The only solution I found is to deactivate bluetooth and activate, then all works again. “Until Apple beats the cost argument. 1 should be compatible with all the hardware and software that are currently working with Windows 8 and Windows RT. A specification called Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is often used as part of the process. 0, too, has developed its own language.
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