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@Bonita Awesome, Thank u so much!!. Does anyone know how to get my HDMI and USB ports working again after installing Windows 10 on my Dell Laptop?. The menu consists of features like sampling, JavaScript error logging, stress and load test, and much more. I tried a different approach. If a SERP feature doesn’t lead to any domain, you’d better consider whether it’s worth spinning your wheels over this keyword. Having all recently associated documents centred in the Start Centre is a nice touch. Not that I shop for them often, mind you, but when I do it’s always a nightmare to some degree or other. Prezado Vitor. In the brief on Thursday from Amazon, Microsoft and others, the tech companies said they shared the public’s outrage over the “heinous act of terrorism” in San Bernardino, but said they were united in the view that the government’s case exceeded the boundaries of existing law and would hurt Americans’ security. LET ME KNOW IF THE LINKS STOP WORKING!—————————— If I helped you out today, you can return the favor by following me! ——————————Instagram: http://instagram.