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The adapter on the other hand just sends ALL your desktop to the TV. Android is not designed to be used with a keyboard and a mouse, so some kind of wrapper or new interface is needed to make the experience closer to that of a desktop PC. Jaime, thanks a lot for thinking along with me on this. All of this "compatibility" is done by the free software movement and the volunteers, who try to reverse engineer the closed formats of Microsoft as good as they can. com author Karen Fredricks. The individual will interface with senior staff, various business units, and end-users to perform day-to-day client and system support. Hi MacBook users, I can’t shut down my laptop since 2 days ago, this thing kept popping up. These issues can be in type of:- Programs related issue Email related issue PC execution erro Different sorts of PC related issues In this way, at whatever point your PC quits working ly or on the off chance that you are confronting any infection related issue, you can get in touch with us our expert and get the highly required Malwarebytes Antivirus specialized backing quickly.