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9 Windows 10 Features You Can Safely Disable

9 Windows 10 Features You Can Safely Disable
Windows 10 is packed with features, but a lot of them are unnecessary.
The console is already available to pre-order from Amazon and other retailers, so jump on that deal if you’re interested. On the Debug Setting screen, find the following features: o Enable extra debug logging Select the check box to enable sending client UI logs through. How to tell if your site is served via CloudFlare. -2 x USB3. Computers are. Microsoft has updated its Outlook email app for iOS and Android with a handy new feature that allows users to schedule group Skype calls. The gear icon drops down the same tool menu as when right-clicking the system tray icon. This isn’t at all the kind of post I’d usually put up, but if you’re a blogger/YouTuber/file hoarder, hopefully this will be of some help to you and stop the dreaded “your startup disk is almost full” notification. Brad Smith, the chief executive officer of Intuit, hoped the partnership would aid Chase customers in making informed decisions. In applications without a File menu, such as Google’s Chrome browser, you can often click another menu button or right-click the page and select Print. Senator Obama expressed opposition to the war in Iraq well before he gained a seat in the U.