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I will try other Linux OS. It’s practically unusable – and it was a deliberate and well-meaning design decision on Logitech’s part that made it that way. Bank officials have already reported the incident to the Reserve Bank of India, the country’s banking regulator. SUBSCRIBE TODAY AND SAVE 86%. Has anyone here successfully used Thunderbird with Calendar linked to their Google Calendar service? It may be the repeating events or something, but over the last few years, I have never been able to sync with Google Calendar. Nothing for Spain?. Neither on wi-fi, nor on 3g. Nevertheless, because they do not believe in accountability, their trademark is ethnic manipulation and casting themselves as ‘s of persecutions’ to win sympathy and protection. […] such passive investment manager is Dimensional Fund Advisors. Bluetooth built in. Do you have a FireTV or nVidia Shield? If so you can sideload the Android tablet (?) Xfinity app on those to see if the recording feature shows up there for you. The service technician (I forgot to ask his name) knew the problem right away on my LG dryer and had it fixed and running properly within half an hour.